Reader’s comments on “Relativistic Quantum Mechanics” in 2013-2007

I have been reading and studying your materials and I like it very much.
A.W., Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada, 24.6.2013

I found the work to be accurate and complete…. I have recommended it to several of my students.
J. H., Instructor, Texas Tech University, USA, 12.7.2010

1. It is a condensed and summary like course in 75 pages hence original compared to lengthy books of 600 pages.
2. The printing looks very good as far as English dissertation and professiency in the language.
H. El-S. Manager, Hydroenvirosystems Co, Canada, 3.1.2009

I thought it was a very nice work. I did not find any errors or such.
M.W., Research Associate, Washington State University, USA, 8.1.2009

This is a very well written piece adressing a fundamental aspect of mathematical physic.
W., UA. Belgium, 8.1.2009

it seems to me that your book, which is very well written, fills a hole in the up to now available literature :
D. B., SUrrey University, Italy (UK), 2.4.2009

The book reads well, and the mathematical notation and overall presentation is clear, perhaps the clearest I've read.
B. J., Teacher, Lowell High School, USA, 7.4.2009

That's e-book is very usefull for me to study quantum mechanics in preparing my thesis.
M. L., Teacher, Indonesia University, Indonesia, 15.7.2009

…It is wonderful text to be studied with rapt attention to learn the subject…
Your book will teach me the subject and I find you are a very good teacher[ as it is obvious from the organization of the text].Lucidity and simplicity is the style.
I convey my deep regards to such a good teacher.
D. C. G., Professor, University of Kalyani, India, 9.12.2008

… So far, I have only used it for my own reference, but I may make it available to my students as complementary reading material …
P.B. , Professor, Australia, 2.7.2007

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