Walter Pfeifer

Dr. phil II Physicist

Collaboration in the following institutes:
- Physikinstitut der Universität Zürich
- Institut für Reaktorforschung, Würenlingen, Switzerland
- Alte Kantonsschule Aarau, Switzerland

Walter Pfeifer
Mühlemattweg 20
CH-5034 Suhr


Earlier publications:
P. Schober, H. H. Müller, W. Pfeifer and H. Jasicek, "An investigation of 86Sr wave functions with the (p a ) reaction at Ep = 35 MeV", Nuclear Physics A398, p. 203-220.
H. Oberhummer, W. Pfeifer, F. Brunner and H. H. Müller, "Microscopic model for the transfer reactions (N a) and (a N) using the isospin formalism", Nuclear Physics A401, p. 415-444.

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