Quantum Field Theory, an Introduction

This work is excellent and very useful for us. Now days I again study from that literature still I could not get any errors.
S.D. P., Student, Lucknow University, India, 24.1.2012

The short text would be perfect as a reader for an introductory lecture of QFT for master students in physics or in chemical physics. It stringently introduces the important concepts of QFT on a sound physical level and guides the student through the difficulties of the mathematical techniques used therein. The use of SI-units throughout facilitates the understanding of the physical concepts introduced.
M. O.-B., lecturer, PD,PhD, Switzerland, 24.3.2011

In Prinzip finde ich es ausgezeichnet wie auch Deine Veröffentlichung über die Lie Gruppen.
F. J. C. CastroSoft, Spain, 8.10.2010

Its strength as compared to the other numerous QFT books is the clear notation (e.g. using throughout a clear distinction between scalars, vectors, operators, etc. is a great idea) and detailed derivation. As a freely available resource it is definitely recommendable.
B. G., Max-Planck Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf, 4.10.2010

Books are written in a very lucid manner and according to the need of the students. I also gave the notes to my students and they liked them.
N. B., Assistant professor, Guru nanak girls college, Ludhiana, India, 3.7.2010

Most of the authors prefer the natural units yet you have chosen SI units,this is very interesting for we are familiar with SI.
s. k., senior technical officer, itn, sri lanka, 5.1.2010

they seem to be good introductions to the subject material for a graduate student level.
J. H., San Diego State University, United States, 2.1.2010

In fact I was so fascinated on how you just simplified the topic.
O. O., Research Fellow, National Mathematical Centre, Abuja, Nigeria, 20.10.2009

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