Reader’s comments on „Lie Algebras su(N)“ in 2012-09

Your book have helped me to understand the basics of Lie Groups and Lie algebras used in particle physics. I have highly enjoyed
reading this book.
A.K. Student, IIT Guwahati, India, 9.8.2012

I liked your book. I did not find any errors. It was very useful for me and especially for one of my students.
B. S., Professor, NMT, USA, 4.10.2012

I used your book on the Lie Algebras of SU(n) as a reference on that subject for a paper that I was working on at the time (which is now completed: see or From the point of view of a physicist, I found that the book provided a detailed, clear and easy to follow introduction to the fundamental ideas of su(n) Lie algebras and their representation theory. The inclusion of many specific worked examples was particularly useful to further my understanding of the subject.
S. D. University of Oxford, UK 3.4.2012

Thank you - Yes excellent work. Wish I had these resources when I did my Masters.
I use it occasionally for teaching or when students ask me about Group Theory ( I am not a full time Tutor or a Lecturer).
M. I. P. Nuclear Physicist, UK, 5.7.2011

I had a work to do on the SU(3) group, and your book helped me a lot. There are a lot of figures and diagrams which can help to figure out the different algebras which are not always so easy to understand.
M. C., Uppsala university, Sweden, 3.4.2011

It's a good work, well-done.
A physicist will appreciate this book because it is written from the point of view of a physicist.
G. C. dept. of Physics, University of Pisa, Italy, 2.7.2010

…Your book did help me a lot, providing me with concise examples and detailed calculations. The numerical calculations allowed me a
direct view of su(2).
X. L. Schools of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, 8.4.2010

…I think it is most useful as a "look up" text, almost as if it was a "solved problems" book.
J. R. G. M., Univ. São Paulo, Brazil, 1.4.2010

…it was by far the clearest exposition of these structures I have so far encountered…
K. MK., Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science, University of Leeds, 6.1.2010

K. S. , Prof in physics, University Baghdad, Syria, 1.1.2010

I think there is not many books writing from the point of view of a physicist, as easy to read like your book. This is very important for every one who wants teach himself, like me...
F. C., High School teacher, Spain, 3.4.2009

… Your work is very clear and very interesting for me. …
M. researcher, Ciemat, Spain, 2.4.2009

Indeed I have used this copy mostly as means of quick reference in order to make sure things I use in my work are correct. To this end it has been really useful since when studying QCD one needs to understand the structure of Lie algebras. …
L. M. Uni Bonn, Germany, 2.4.2009

… I find it to be exceptionally well organized and clear. This is obviously a labor of love….
H.P., Professor of physics, emeritus, Trinity College, USA, 14.1.2009

… i particularly enjoyed reading the part about su(3) and the last part of the book. It helped me in getting a better understanding about how the picture of lie algebra's could fit into the theory of the elementary particles….
W. UA, Belgium, 8.1.2009


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